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    Understand AI through our hands-on approach

  • With clients from diverse industries based in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, our training aims to train developers, BI analysts, consultants, statisticians, marketing specialists and IT professionals on modern AI techniques.

    Our courses, designed by Data Science and Artificial Intelligence professionals, allow participants to learn the fundamental concepts, acquire a clear and practical vision of machine learning algorithms and put into practice these concepts using the most advanced programming languages and libraries used in the field.

  • Participants will have the key tools to tackle Data projects and create intelligent systems that can learn from examples.

    Neos' mission is to help businesses create value through the development of their employee expertise. Focused on maximizing efficiency, our courses cover advanced ML practices in a logical and structured approach.

  • Available Training

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

    2 Days 

    For : Developers, BI Analysts & IT Professionals
    Topics covered : Machine learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, learning algorithms
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  • Advanced Machine Learning Practices [Supervised]

    3 Days 

    For : Senior Developers, BI Analysts & IT Professionals
    Topics covered : Supervised learning problem, data preparation, supervised learning algorithms, prediction, Regression, Classification
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  • Advanced Machine Learning Practices [Unsupervised]

    2 Days 

    For : Senior Developers, BI Analysts & IT Professionals
    Topics covered : Unsupervised learning problem, data preparation, unsupervised learning algorithms, Clustering
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Thanks to Neos for its training session that allowed us to demystify the differences between BI, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence! Very relevant content and high quality exchanges!

Pauline Huber

Talent Acquisition Advisor

I had the chance to attend the BI and big data training, last month.
This allowed me to deepen my expertise in the field when I search for potential candidates or discuss with my clients. Also, this training takes place in a spirit of exchange and sharing of knowledge between participants.
I would like to thank the team for its warm welcome.

Clément Maquet

Resource Development Manager

Thanks to Neos and his trainers for the very interesting content !

Sophie Malboeuf

Talent Acquisition Senior Advisor