• About

    Applying AI solutions to visionary technological projects

  • Who Are We

  • Our team is built on the synergy between our business expertise and our cutting-edge technological knowledge.

  • Our Mission

  • We aim at changing and optimizing your environment by leveraging the strategic possibilities of AI innovation.

  • What We Do

  • We are using the power and opportunities of AI  to create  tangible value-generating solutions for businesses

  • Our team

  • Part of Neos Value Creators, our team is composed of Montreal-based tech entrepreneurs, AI specialists, data scientists and software engineers. We have the expertise to cover an extensive array of business applications and processes.

  • Our approach

  • 1

  • Market analysis

    We analyze your market to determine the key value-generating solutions for your business

  • 2

  • Roadmap

    We elaborate a scalable, comprehensible and actionable plan to transform your business with AI solutions

  • 3

  • Proof of concept

    We provide a functional proof of concept of an AI implementation for your company

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