• Unlock the power and opportunities of AI

    We help companies generate tangible value by integrating impactful artificial intelligence technologies and concepts in their business workflows.

  • Areas of expertise

  • Finance

    We are transforming internal processes and customer facing solutions for world-class financial institutions.

  • Entertainment

    We are leveraging AI to deliver real-time interface personalization and dynamically optimize customer experience

  • E-Commerce

    We are creating solutions that help e-commerce companies achieve higher engagement, sales and conversion.

  • Expertise

  • We're using cutting-edge AI technologies to create innovative business applications. We exploit our knowledge and  expertise to swiftly identify value-generating opportunities in your business processes.

    Part of Neos Value Creators , our team is composed of artificial intelligence experts and data-scientists backed by a business-oriented managers. 

  • Workshops and trainings

  • Our client-centered workshops and trainings are designed to communicate core AI principles. Our courses are designed to introduce managers and executives to the multiple possibilities AI offers to their respective industries and to empower technology professionals using Machine Learning (ML) models.

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